Welcome to visit Robustel at IoT West in Las Veges USA, from 5-6 November, 2015. IoT West will be held in Green Valley Ranch Resort, Las Veges, Nev.

What attendees will learn:

1. RobustelVPN, easy and secure Remote Access for PLCs and Machines
2. RobustLink 2.0, a new version Centralized M2M Management Platform
3. Industrial 4G LTE VPN Router
4. Industrial 3G Serial to Cellular Gateway

Who should attend:

  1. Programmers that are familiar with IoT and Industrial cellular Routers and modem
  2. Product Manager and Engineers looking to shorten time-to-development for Products and devices
  3. Business Development Managers focusing on IoT, looking to shorten time-to-market.

This event is upcoming soonest, looking forward to seeing you there!