Seeking the Longest-running Robustel Devices


Are you one of Robustel's loyal customers who has been using our IoT devices for the longest time? Then join our newest submission program, 'Seeking the Longest-Running Robustel Products'!


As we celebrate our 13th anniversary this May 2023, we want to recognize and reward Robustel customers who have been using our products for the longest time. By participating in this campaign.


To join, simply submit a brief introduction of your Robustel IoT device bought years ago with text and image through email or our submission page. You could be 1 of the 3 customers with the longest running Robustel devices to win a FREE two-night hotel in Bali, Indonesia for your personal enjoyment (up to USD 400 totally for each winner). We will select 1 winner's company to receive 500 RCMS Essential Licenses (worth 500 USD) when you send back your old device to Robustel, with shipping cost covered by us.*

Don't miss your chance to showcase your loyalty and win amazing prizes. Join us in celebrating our 13th anniversary and the enduring reliability of Robustel IoT devices!

*The final interpretation right belongs to Robustel. Please feel free to contact us by