Global IoT routers

IoT is changing the industrial landscape. The deployment of smart devices and connected networks offers new opportunities for industries to streamline operations and improve cost-efficiency globally, from smart cities and healthcare to retail and manufacturing. As IoT deployments expand across international borders, a suite of new challenges arise, including a reliable connection for operators to track devices, no matter where they’re located. Industrial routers have traditionally been supplied on a per region basis due to cost and certifications. However, Robustel’s R1520 is a global 4G router designed for companies that want a simple one-size fits all solution for global 4G industrial router deployments.  

Robustel’s global router 4G applications

There is a high demand from system integrators, IoT application developers and mobile network operators. Robustel’s R1520 answers that demand and can be used across a range of industries including:
  • •Retail systems: Point of Sale, ATM, kiosks and vending machines.
  • •Industrial IoT including in-vehicle applications: Machinery remote monitoring and high-value assets monitoring and control.
  • •Smart Cities: CCTV, traffic control, lighting management, disaster monitoring and independent living management.
Robustel’s versatile 4G industrial wireless 4G router is designed for global deployments with certifications including but not limited to: 
  • •IC - Canada
  • •CCC - China
  • •IMDA - Singapore
  • •NBTC - Thailand
  • •KCC - Korea
  • •CE - Europe
  • •ICASA - South Africa
  • •RCM - Australia and New Zealand 
  • •TRA - United Arab Emirates
These certifications are just an example of the numerous global certifications, with many more pending. Reach out to us for a more in-depth overview of the countries we offer solutions for.  

Robustel’s 4G IoT routers will get you connected

Failing networks and communication issues are a threat when deploying IoT devices globally and can also be a costly expense. Robustel's Smart Reboot Capability removes that issue. With an SMS prompt, the IoT router will delete the last known network, reboot and then choose a network with the best signal strength. This minimises downtime which can be expensive and disruptive to services.  Access is another major issue for businesses operating on a global scale. Operators want to be able to manage devices without physically having to visit a site. RobustVPN is a Cloud Based VPN tunnelling technology that provides Robustel routers with a fixed private IP address - allowing easy remote access anywhere in the world. That means operators can manage their networks in real time, with a SIM card from any provider.   

Robustel's global 4G routers

Robustel’s global 4G IoT router has a range of features to suit your needs including:
  • •Global 4G frequency coverage for all continents.
  • •Global certifications for all major countries. 
  • •Free cloud management platform for easy global monitoring
  • •802.3at compliant POE interface for simple powering.
  • •E-mark certification for in-vehicle solutions.
  • •Smart Roaming capability for enhanced roaming SIM management. 
  • •Supports Dual SIMs and WiFi/Ethernet as WAN.
  • •Access to RobustVPN - a hosted service that provides a fixed IP router.
  • •Wireguard/IPsec/OpenVPN/DMVPN
If you’re ready to take your business global, Robustel will get you connected. With a cost-efficient and reliable solution our team is here to help with your needs. Get in contact for more information about the latest global 4G technology.