IoT Lighting Solutions

Smart lighting allows monitoring and management of home, office and street lights through connected sensors and bulbs.

The day-to-day operating costs of a building represent 70 percent of the total cost over its entire lifespan, making the IoT a perfect solution.

Smart Home

Are you building homes? Managing blocks of residences? Let your tenants take control of their energy usage by implementing a smart home solution.
With the right sensors and platform, residents can remotely control the illumination in each room, whether turning them on and off, or brightening and dimming.

It also has the added benefit of security. Tenants can set and remotely manage lighting schedules when they are out, to give the illusion that someone is on the premises.

Office Lighting

As mentioned above, utilities costs for businesses are some of the highest expenses. Companies can save money by implementing lighting control, allowing lights to automatically turn off outside business hours.

Some of the more sophisticated systems use sensors to make the most of natural light levels - brightening or dimming where necessary throughout the day. Smart lighting has even been shown to improve productivity and creative thinking, by using brighter light in the morning and warmer light later in the day.

Street Lighting

Make roads and footpaths more visible, and streets safer with a smart cities lighting solution. Best of all, sensors and real-time updates mean your solution can be both cost-effective and good for the environment.

How? Sensors can keep lights on low-energy standby until they are triggered by a pedestrian, saving electricity usage, while burnt-out bulbs can be identified and quickly replaced, without having to constantly send maintenance workers out to check.

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Smart Lighting Systems

Smart lights are changing the way people move through cities. Connect your smart lighting systems with Robustel’s customised IoT solutions.

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