Intercake was established in 2004 to develop a new cake printing system for all sizes of retail outlets. The company is based in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.



Intercake worked closely with Robustel's EMEA IoT Solutions Architect, David Evans to solve three critical business challenges.

  1. Reliability of Cellular Connectivity - How could Robustel help Intercake ensure printers located in supermarkets across the UK with varying RF environments all worked flawlessly?
  2. Qualifying Data Usage - How could Intercake use the data counting and analytical tools available inside all Robustel devices to manage airtime costs and prevent 'bill-shock'?
  3. Capital Expenditure for Connectivity - How could Robustel work with Intercake to make sure they had a solution that was fit for purpose but not 'over-engineered' to ensure maximum return on a nationwide roll-out?