Energy-Utilties Use Case Brochure

Reliable wireless connectivity is critical for power companies to gather real-time data from intelligent feeder terminal units (FTUs) and regulate and monitor electricity distribution operations.


Industrial-grade networking devices are necessary for distribution network facilities to perform consistently under harsh weather conditions like extreme temperature and humidity, etc.


To improve maintenance efficiency and reduce power outages, gateways must provide real-time fault alarm reports to quickly identify and correct faults in the large number of FTUs located across dispersed locations fault identification methods are inefficient.


Bobustel loT Gateway connects to the distribution network's intelligent feeder terminal unit (FTU) through the RS-485 serial port, The gateway collects FTU operating data and uploads it to the operation center through 4G LTE network, This solution effectively improves the efficiency of FTU management by the power company and ensures the stable operation of the power grid.