Retail Solutions

Robustel provide secure, high-speed wireless communications for retail, gaming, branch office networks and more.

Payments & Cash Handling

Robustel's Dual-SIM VPN gateways allow secure and fast wireless connectivity, making them ideal for:

- Point of Sale

- ATM Machines

- Kiosks

- In-store or

- Remote locations.

Vending Machines

Robustel's discreet industrial modems are designed for deployment in outdoor or high-impact areas, making them perfect for vending machines in any location.

Gaming & Lottery

Connect lottery or gaming machines via a secure private network, then backhaul encrypted data over cellular networks to operation centres.

Pop-Up, Kiosk & New Store Location Internet

Using high-speed LTE connectivity, Robustel can provide instant internet access to locations that have zero or delayed access to fixed-line internet.