Robustel is delight to announce that its R3000 industrial cellular routers had gotten AT&T Certification so that AT&T operator is to collaborate with Robustel on the development of M2M services for a variety of major industries.


“With certification of AT&T, Robustel and AT&T could make the M2M solutions connectivity easy to manage and monitor in virtual real-time, and this will fuel customer interest globally. In addition, we could be poised to help even more businesses implement highly secure and reliable M2M solutions.” Robustel CEO Mr. Tao Yang said.


As we all know, AT&T U.S.A is a leading network operator, who could deliver a great customer experience everywhere the customer lives, works and plays through fast, secure and mobile connectivity. Meanwhile, AT&T has the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network, covering more than 308 million people with the nation’s strongest 4G LTE signal.


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About Robustel:

Robustel is a leading products and solutions provider for industrial IoT/M2M, specialized in industrial routes, gateways, modems, clouds and remote machine management end-to-end solutions.

Robustel serve vertical market like Energy/Utility, Smart city, Retail, Transportation, Industrial Automation and Healthcare.


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