Robustel Release High Speed Smart 5G Router R5020 Lite

Robustel strengthen industry leading portfolio of Industrial IoT routers and gateways with a small footprint & cost-effective industrial 5G Router.

Robustel 5G IoT EDGE Computing Gateway certified by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Robustel’s latest IoT device the EG5120 5G Edge Computing Gateway is now listed in the Microsoft Azure certified device catalogue and also Amazon Web Services (AWS) IoT Greengrass

Robustel Release Next Generation IoT Gateways Featuring EDGE Computing and RobustOS Pro a new Debian Based Operating System

Robustel strengthen their industry leading portfolio of Industrial IoT routers and gateways with a brand-new series of cost competitive, fully integrated EDGE Computing gateways.

Robustel’s R1510 Adopted by NTT DOCOMO in Japan

Guangzhou, China: 8 June 2022, Robustel today are glad to announce that our R1510 industrial cellular IoT gate […]

Introducing the R2010 & R2011 – Two new additions to Robustel’s Industrial IoT router portfolio.

Today Robustel announce two new devices in their growing selection of cost-effective, industrial grade routers […]

Robustel Launch Revolutionary IoT Framework ‘Edge2Cloud’ (E2C)

Robustel formally releases ‘E2C’ – an application framework for Robustel IoT Gateways/Routers that enables the […]

Quectel empowers Robustel’s 5G industrial router with next-generation cellular connectivity for the IIoT

Quectel’s 5G New Radio (NR) sub-6GHz module the RM500Q-AE has been selected by Robustel, a […]

Robustel R5020 5G IoT Router

Robustel’s IoT Device Management platform RCMS passes penetration testing from SGS

Robustel deliver on their commitment to IoT software services with successful cyber-security audit Guangzhou, […]

Introducing the Robustel R1511P – Embedded 4G/LTE Router

Robustel are pleased to launch the R1511P embedded 3G/4G/LTE Router – a part of the R151X series of Robustel’s […]

Introducing the Robustel R1511 – A Lite-Industrial IoT Router

Robustel are pleased to announce the launch our R1511 Lite-Industrial IoT Router. The R1511 is the companion p […]

Robustel R1511

Introducing the Robustel R5020 – 5G Industrial IoT Router

Robustel are pleased to announce our first 5G Industrial IoT router – the R5020, offering support for gl […]

Robustel R5020 5G IoT Router

Robustel’s 5 Port Industrial Cellular Router the R1520 Receives CE & RCM Approval

Robustel are pleased to announce that our new 5 port industrial dual-SIM cellular router the R1520 is now CE a […]

R1520 CE RCM certified

Introducing the Robustel R1520 – A New Lite Industrial Cellular IoT Gateway

Robustel’s new lite industrial Cellular Dual SIM IoT Gateway R1520 is a versatile 4G router with 5 x Ethernet […]

Robustel Achieve CMMI Level 3 Appraisal

Robustel, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial quality solutions for the IoT and M2M market, […]

CMMI 3 - Robustel

Introducing the R1500 & R1510 – Robustel’s Lite Industrial IoT Gateways

Robustel are pleased to launch our R1500 & R1510 Lite Industrial IoT Gateways, the first products in a new […]

R1500 series banner news thumbnail