Using Advanced Smart Meter IoT Technology

The consumption of energy continues to increase, with a growing population adding to the demand. The utility industry is leveraging IoT technologies to help them keep pace. From IoT wireless solutions to automation, the energy sector is constantly evolving to incorporate more efficient and reliable practices. Smart metering solution are emerging as a digital technology game-changer for the utility industry. 


A smart meter collects real-time data about energy usage before relaying it back to a server. Network operators can then use that data to make more efficient and informed decisions about energy consumption management, assisting them in knowing where and when to distribute energy. The data from smart meters can also be used to monitor a network for outages and maintenance. Utility smart metering can be deployed in a wide range of environments from a substation to a residential setting.


Robustel will get your smart meter solution connected. We have a range of options for your metering applications, from routers with multiple Ethernet and serial interfaces to cloud software solutions that facilitate a secure connection from any location. 


Deploying a smart meter solution 

Smart metering systems are made up of several layers of technology: 


IoT smart meter. Smart energy metering can be deployed across a range of environments to collect information about energy consumption and flow. They then relay the data back to a central server for processing.

A connected server system. Smart meters need to be connected to a system that handles and stores collected data. This server is either located at a company centre, or in the cloud. Operators can use the system to access connected smart meters, and authorise device and software management. 

Custom data visualisation dashboard. This is usually created inside the user interface and customised to the system’s needs to offer operators an easy, cohesive vantage point across the network. 

Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS) is a custom IoT software platform that makes connecting to your network easy. You can use the RCM to instantly access your smart meters IoT solutions from a remote location and  view data instantly. Operators can view the latest data from a smart meter reading without needing to visit the site. You will also be able to configure, update and debug your applications.


The benefits of IoT smart metering solutions

Smart meter IoT solutions utilise networking technology like cellular IoT solutions to solve problems that network operators face. Operators can use real-time data collected by smart meters, to make better informed operational decisions. Other benefits of smart meters include:


Reduce disruptive outages. A smart energy meter alerts operators to outages or other problems as they arise. Operators are able to quickly and efficiently coordinate a response.  

Improve safety. Informed by the latest data, technicians are able to better assess an emergency situation or outage before deploying the best solution.

Reduce operating costs. Real-time data can make it easier for technicians to identify outages and eliminate the need for an in-person inspection.

Balance electric loads. Smart meters detect and address disruptions and abnormalities in the flow with operators then able to adjust their controls, saving time and increasing efficiency.


Custom dashboards for smart metering technologies

The utility industry continues to grow, seeking secure, reliable and efficient connections that underpin the effectiveness of a smart metering IoT solution. Creating a customised dashboard and connection solution is key to ensuring your network gets the data it needs. 


Robustel 3G/4G routers have multiple serial and Ethernet interfaces to provide a wide range of interfacing options. Robustel cellular technologies offer effective and reliable connectivity, allowing operators to access smart meter systems from a remote locations.



What is a smart meter?

A smart meter digitally monitors energy consumption in real time. Smart metering is used to monitor the consumption of a resource like energy, water and gas. It is one of the most prominent IoT solutions being deployed by the utility industry. 


How does smart metering work?

A smart meter digitally monitors energy consumption in real time. Smart Metering enables two-way communication from the meter to network operators. They transmit data to a server that network operators can use to manage a supply network efficiently. It can also perform other remote tasks, like allowing remote network control, measuring power quality, and notifying distributors of outages.