Robustel Launches R5010 – Mini 5G Router for Industrial & Enterprise Applications

Robustel is proud to unveil the latest innovation to its 5G router portfolio, the R5010 High Speed 5G Router, equipped with support for both 5G NSA (non-standalone) and 5G SA (standalone) networks and built-in compatibility with 3GPP Release 16.

Industrial Edge Computing Gateway Brochure

Robustel’s Edge Computing Gateways equipped CPU(s) use the same instruction as the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi computer powered by ARM architecture meaning all existing applications can be easily ported to Edge Computing Gateways, optionally using Docker containerization.

Transportation Use Case Brochure

The Robustel loT Gateway is connected to the controller of the cold chain truck via an RS-232 serial port. The gateway collects operational status data from the controller in real time, compresses the data and uploads it to the management platform via 4G LTE cellular wireless network. Based on the data reported by the gateway, the management platform realizes efficient, convenient and reliable overall management of the vehicle.

Energy-Utilties Use Case Brochure

Bobustel loT Gateway connects to the distribution network’s intelligent feeder terminal unit (FTU) through the RS-485 serial port, The gateway collects FTU operating data and uploads it to the operation center through 4G LTE network, This solution effectively improves the efficiency of FTU management by the power company and ensures the stable operation of the power grid.

5G Industrial Router Brochure

Robustel’s 5G industrial routers bring the next generation of cellular connectivity to your industry, enabling rapid response times, and maintains reliable and stable communications in harsh industrial environments.


Quectelの5G新無線(NR)サブ6GHzモジュールRM500Q-AEは、産業用IoTルーターとゲートウェイの世界的プロバイダーであるRobustel社に採用され、同社初の5G産業用ルーターR5020をサポートする。 […]

Robustel R5020 5G IoT Router


ロバステル、サイバーセキュリティ監査に合格し、IoTソフトウェアサービスへのコミットメントを実現 中国、広州:ロバステルは本日、同社のIoTデバイス管理ソフトウェアRobustel Cloud Manager Servi […]


Robustel社は、ModbusやOPC UAなどの産業用プロトコルとMicrosoft AzureやAmazon Web Services (AWS)のような現代のクラウドプラットフォームとの迅速な統合を可能にするR […]

R2010とR2011のご紹介 – ロバステルの産業用IoTルーター・ポートフォリオに2つの新製品が加わりました。

本日ロバステルは、コスト効率に優れた産業グレードのルーターとゲートウェイの品揃えを増やしており、新たに2つのデバイスを発表した。 ロバステルR2010 Robustel R2010 産業用セルラールーター ロバステルのロ […]

Robustel Use Case Catalogue

Robustel design and manufactures industrial-quality wireless IoT Modems, Routers and Gateways for predominantly focused cellular (3G/4G/LTE/5G), Wi-Fi and LPWAN (Cat-M1/NB-IoT/LoRaWAN/Bluetooth) networks.

Robustel Product Catalogue

Robustel’s product portfolio includes Wireless Modems, Industrial Routers, IoT Gateways, EDGE Computing Gateways, and rapid device deployment & management Cloud Software.Our products are used in smart cities, transportation, utilities, energy, Industrial IoT and many other applications to deliver robust and reliable connectivity.

Robustel Heatwave Challenge

Gothenburg Municipality, Västtrafik, and Kandilli Observatory honored for their long-term use of Robustel products

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Machine Builders (testing)

Manage PID Controllers, PLCs and HMIs wirelessly.

Automation Machine Builders

Robustel joins in WWEA to offer solutions for reusing wind energy

June 24, 2015, China—Robustel is pleased to become a member of WWEA, so that WWEA will be to collaborate with […]