Wastewater treatment is a crucial process, especially because it ensures the protection of the environment and public health. With the growing population, the demand for a much more efficient wastewater treatment solution is vital. 


However, among the key challenges faced by wastewater treatment facilities are achieving remote monitoring of sewage treatment stations and a backup network to ensure uninterrupted operations.


In the past, achieving remote monitoring and control over sewage treatment stations could be costly and challenging. It requires laying optical fiber cables to the interception well site, which can lead to high costs for line layout, private network construction, and line maintenance. Therefore, cellular network connectivity is an optimal choice for achieving seamless remote monitoring and control.


Moreover, after the traditional optical fiber communication line was accidentally cut, there was no backup network available to access the interception well sensors and controllers. This ended up losing connection with the sewage treatment station. This incident highlighted the critical need for a backup network that can provide an alternative means of access.


In this article, we will uncover how Robustel’s Wastewater Treatment Solution addresses connectivity and backup network challenges.


How Does Robustel’s Wastewater Treatment Solution Work?

The wastewater treatment system from Robustel provides seamless communication by using sensors and solenoid valves linked to the PLC, which is subsequently connected by RS-232/485 to the Robustel lloT Gateway.


The RCMS device management platform is then linked to this gateway through a cellular wireless network, and the platform smoothly integrates with the customer's operating platform for data interchange. 


Through the RCMS device management platform, operations staff may remotely control the operation of the terminal.


Key Features of Robustel’s Wastewater Treatment Solution


Stable Connection

The Robustel IIoT Gateway offers a variety of networking options, such as wired, wireless, and cellular, and when paired with the RobustOS link management function, it offers uninterrupted data transmission channels for a variety of networking scenarios.


Real-time Data Collection

Edge2Cloud programs that enable real-time data gathering and uploading from terminals may be operated on RobustOS in both the northbound and southbound directions. Administrators simply need to use the cloud platform to view real-time on-site data.


Remote Device Management

RCMS device management platform provides fast real-time monitoring, and remote diagnosis, enabling equipment maintenance work to be completed without visiting the site.


The Advantages of Robustel’s Wastewater Treatment Solution


Robustel’s wastewater treatment solution offers several key advantages, making it a top choice for sewage treatment facilities: 


Cost-effective Hardware 

Robustel hardware is created to be highly cost-effective while being of industrial quality, robust, and having a broad voltage and temperature range, enabling high-volume Industrial loT project rollouts.


Dual SIM Card Design 

Network resilience is significantly increased using the dual SIM card network backup option - having two networks is better than just one.


Rich Interfaces

Robustel's solution supports various interfaces, such as serial ports and JAS interfaces, to meet the connection requirements of different on-site equipment. This flexibility allows seamless integration with existing systems and enables efficient data exchange and communication, enhancing overall operational efficiency.