Using Robustel’s R1510-4L Industrial 4G router for Viaport Marina Theme Park Turnstile Passage System

About the Application Viaport Marina, sprawling across approximately 600 thousand square meters in Tuzla, Istanbul, embarked on its service journey in May 2015. A theme park, Lion Park, aquarium, shopping mall, Aqua Park, and a marina are all included in this multifunctional site, which comes with an open-air architecture. The Theme Park within Viaport Marina […]

Using Robustel’s R1510-4L Industrial 4G router for Viaport Marina Theme Park Turnstile Passage System

Enhancing Reliable Communication in Energy Distribution: Robustel’s R1510 Router in OEDAŞ SCADA Infrastructure Adaptation Project

In the ever-changing world of energy distribution, it’s important to have a strong SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) setup to make sure everything runs smoothly and stays safe. The OEDAŞ SCADA Infrastructure Adaptation Project, which kicked off in 2020 and is still ongoing, shows a real commitment to updating communication systems in the energy […]

Enhancing Reliable Communication in Energy Distribution_ Robustel’s R1510 Router in OEDAŞ SCADA Infrastructure Adaptation Project

Robustel’s Routers in Earthquake Monitoring System

About the Application In the challenging landscape of earthquake and tsunami monitoring in Turkey, the «Regional Earthquake – Tsunami Monitoring and Evaluation Center» has harnessed the power of Robustel’s routers. These routers gather and transmit data, ensuring real-time public access to critical information.   For the Earthquake Monitoring System to work, seismic recorders in remote […]

Robustel’s Routers in Earthquake Monitoring System

Case Study: Ensuring Uninterrupted Connectivity in Caffè Nero Branches with Robustel 4G Routers

About the Project Since 1997, Caffè Nero has been serving as a coffee shop chain with a presence in over 800 locations across Europe, including more than 80 branches in Turkey. The necessity for establishing a backup internet infrastructure in Caffè Nero outlets throughout Turkey emerged as part of Turkish Telekom’s 4G backup internet access […]

Case Study: Robustel’s R1511-4L & R3000 Routers in MASKİ Well Water Tracking System Project

About the Project In areas of Malatya facing inadequate water infrastructure, drinking water is supplied through boreholes.  Monitoring the water level and its condition is crucial especially for efficient distribution and safeguarding public health.   Robustel’s industrial routers play a pivotal role in the integration process of Smart Well Water Tracking System with the Supervisory […]

Conexión de red segura en tiendas minoristas

Acerca de Hakmar Mağazacılık Hakmar Mağazacılık, fundada en Estambul Pendik en 1997, es una cadena de tiendas de rápido crecimiento que cuenta con más de 730 sucursales en toda Turquía. Con un personal experimentado, una estructura dinámica y un profundo conocimiento del comercio minorista, Hakmar ha tenido un impacto significativo en su sector. La empresa […]

Robustel’s Industrial Cellular Routers Ensure Uninterrupted Connectivity for Quiosk Vending Machines

  About Quiosk Quiosk is a vending concept that provides convenient and accessible snacking options for people’s indulgent moments throughout the day. Whether it’s a refreshing drink or a tasty snack, Quiosk is available 24/7 to fill the gap when other shops may be closed or unavailable. It aims to address the «blind spots» in […]

Robustel's Industrial Cellular Routers

Control and Management of Drinking Water Loss and Leakage in Turkey

Discover this case study on control and management of drinking water loss and leakage in Turkey. Learn how a smart system from Robustel using modern SCADA technology checks pipe durability, reduces waste, and allows remote control to guarantee efficient and sustainable water management.

Connectivity and Fleet Tracking for Bus Rapid Transit System

Robustel partnered with Bismark to enable connectivity and fleet tracking for Bus Rapid Transit System in Columbia .

Checkpoint & Robustel – Roll Out Coast-to-coast 4G for USA Retailer

Checkpoint Systems offers robust RF/RFID technology solutions for retail with help from Robustel for the 4G connectivity, working together to provide a seamless IoT solution for retailers across the USA.

Checkpoint Systems & Robustel: Connecting Retailers with 4G Solutions in the USA

Intelligent Robotic Feeding System for Machinery Production Plant

Robustel teamed up with the local partner GSL to meet the healthy communication need of this robot system with Robustel’s R1520 Industrial Dual SIM Cellular VPN Router and Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS), which offers a variety of ports and interface options, with the advantages of high speed and low cost.

The PFM Experience Centre on Wheels

Robustel 5G IoT Router and modular IoT cloud software empower PFM Data Experience Center truck analyzing visitor flows in retail centers.

The launch of the PFM Experience Centre

Voytech Systems & Robustel – Wireless Building Management Systems

  CUSTOMER: Voytech Systems was founded by Dr Richard Fargus in 2014 in order to develop the next generation of Building Management Systems using Cloud computing and IoT technologies. The company has extensive experience in product development and manufacturing within this market. As well as in-house product development the company provides consultancy and R&D services […]

Robustel 楼宇

Koolzone & Robustel – Cold-Chain Monitoring of COVID-19 Vaccines

  CUSTOMER: KoolZone was founded in 2015 in Germany and now has global headquarters in Henley-on-Thames in the UK, then focusing on monitoring refrigeration temperatures as a disruptor to the manually intensive practices employed by the food sector to meet food safety standards. However, it soon became apparent that MaaS (Monitoring-as-a-Service) using plug-and-play long-range wireless […]

Robustel 医疗

Intercake – Deploying IoT Connected Cake Printers to Supermarkets Across the UK

CUSTOMER: Intercake was established in 2004 to develop a new cake printing system for all sizes of retail outlets. The company is based in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.   BUSINESS CHALLENGE: Intercake worked closely with Robustel’s EMEA IoT Solutions Architect, David Evans to solve three critical business challenges. Reliability of Cellular Connectivity – How could Robustel […]