App Centre

Robustel’s App Centre provides customers with access to Applications that can be added to any Robustel device running RobustOS routers to enhance and customise the behaviour of the router to suit the needs of a specific application or project.


In some instances, this capability can remove the need for an additional Embedded PC significantly reducing overall project costs. This is especially true of the R3000 series platform where processor, storage and RAM resource for customer applications is significant.


RobustOS Apps can be added to eligible Robustel devices in two ways:


  • Manually – Through the App Centre page in the RobustOS GUI when connected to the device through a LAN cable

Figure 1 – Screenshot from App Centre page of Robustel router running ‚RobustOS‘


  • Over-the-Air (OTA) – Through Robustel’s RCMS device management platform Apps can be sent individually to one or many connected devices OTA

Figure 2 – Screenshot from App Centre page of RCMS allowing OTA App updates


Customers can either write their own applications by following the extensive SDK guide or Robustel’s team of embedded IoT engineers can develop an App on your behalf either for a small NRE fee or for qualified projects completely free of charge.

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