DATA-Guard V2

DATA-Guard v2 is a ground-breaking new application that can be used in all Robustel routers to solve some very real problems with cellular communications systems.

Key features of the APP include:


1. Smart-Reboot – Helps to solve the age old problem of Roaming SIMs not roaming!

2. DATA-Guard – provides a “hard cap” on data use to reduce the risk of Bill-shock

3. Raise/Lower data connection with SMS any time from any location


Smart-Reboot can be a great tool for MNOs & MVNOs that supply roaming SIMs and occasionally see problematic communications due to hardware behaviour!

This can help customers to realise the full potential of roaming SIM benefits whilst mitigating one of the major challenges.


DATA-Guard is an essential “failsafe” for anyone deploying cellular routers and are responsible for the airtime bill – especially when usage can be variable or even undefined in the early stages of a project.