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Robustel Portal Manager

Robustel’s Low Cost Passenger Wi-Fi / Guest Wi-Fi Management Platform

Robutel’s new “Portal Manager” is a module within the popular RCMS router management platform that provides advanced Wi-Fi hotspot management capability for both "Guest Wi-Fi" and "Passenger Wi-Fi" applications. Key features include:


- Generation of custom “splash screens” for passengers/customers
- Per-user bandwidth & session time limiting capability
- Extensive connection statistics management & graphics
- Remote update of data limits & SSID name/passwords
- Priced to suit high volume applications such as busses and small retail outlets
- Deep integration with Content Filtering experts CleanBrowsing for Public facing services

How It Works?

Wi-Fi Operator Business Case

To help ascertain the guest wifi adoption / business case, Portal Manager provides graphs and reports for the following parameters:


- Total Wi-Fi Client Sessions – how many unique Wifi MAC addresses seen?
- Returning Wi-Fi Clients – how many previously identified MAC addresses seen?
- Newly Added Wi-Fi Clients – how many new registrants by MAC address?
- Average Client Session Time – how long are users connected on average?
- Average Data Usage Per Session – how much data is consumed on average per Wi-Fi user?

PW topology mockup V6

Content Filtering

Content Filtering is often a mandatory requirement for public Passenger Wi-Fi systems. Once correctly implemented, content filtering prevents access to inappropriate, illegal or "adult" content by the passengers/users. Because content filtering is a technical and complex subject matter, Robustel have partnered with the experts at www.cleanbrowsing.org to provide an overall Passenger Wifi experience that is optimised for both price and performance.


Implementation is straightforward – simply add the appropriate DNS Server settings to your Robustel router (having raised a Clean Browsing account) & your traffic will be filtered according to the metrics you set in your Clean Browsing portal instance.
As a consequence of the work carried out in this area, Robustel’s hardware is now authorised to carry the “Friendly Wi-Fi” logo.

For a demonstration, access to documentation and set-up assistance please click the button below to contact Robustel to be introduced to a local partner.


R5020 in bus

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