Robustel Cloud Manager Service (RCMS)


RCMS は、直感的なユーザー インターフェイスとオンボーディング プロセスを通じて、迅速なデバイスの導入と広範な管理を提供するように設計されています。



The customizable core at the heart of all Robustel Devices

RobustOS is Robustel’s proprietary device operating system. Built from the ground up around a Linux Kernel, RobustOS allows for lightweight firmware and application delivery across the Robustel product range.

RobustOS allows users to update device functionality through lightweight apps while leaving the firmware untouched.

Robustel App Center

Rapid application deployment and management for Devices

Robustel's APP Center Provides customers with access to applications that can be installed directly onto any RobustOS enabled device to enable a host of IoT smarts at the network edge.