Many System Integrators/developers are not aware of the “Endurance” limitations of MLC NAND Flash, and this can cause premature failure of entire fleets of IoT devices. So, it is critical to measure how your software behaves and mitigate the issues associated with unsympathetic application software design when MLC NAND Flash is used or the primary storage device – especially one hosting a Linux OS & application software.


This white-paper is designed to help developers understand how to measure the impact of their software on an eMMC (NAND Flash) drive & what can be done if it appears that premature ‘wear-out’ is a risk for your application.

This Whitepaper consists of 5 sections:

  1. Introduction & author's note
  2. A brief note on eMMC vs SD Cards
  3. Understanding “Wear” at the physical layer
  4. Measuring “Wear” from the host system
  5. Measuring “Wear” at Drive level
  6. The equation for NAND Flash wear/endurance
  7. General methods for Reducing & Managing “Wear”
  8. Introducing Flash Manager – Robustel’s wear monitoring utility


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