Robustel Webinar on “Intelligent Transportation System”!

Duration: About 1 Hour

During this webinar you will:
Currently, cities are the places where half of the world's population lives, people that needs to move daily to their workplaces. To ensure that all this people arrive in time and safely to their workplaces, smart transportations systems play a vital role in dense urban environments.
According to a study by Pike Research, global investment in smart transportation systems will rise to the amount $13.1 billion between 2011 and 2017. Most of this investment will be placed on intelligent traffic management systems, since it can be applied to most of the cities. These are crucial in urban environments with heavy road traffic, like Rio de Janeiro, whose Operation Centerserves as mission control to make decisions based on thousands of data analytics.
Among the different smart transportation systems we can name intelligent traffic management systems, smart charging for EVs and intelligent public transportation systems, to quote some. All of them are based on the use on sensors and different degrees and types of M2M technology.
We here would like to discuss with you about what Robustel could offer M2M solutions and how to work with.

Webinar Information:
Date: Tuesday, May 6, 2014
Duration: About 1 Hour

Who: Sales Manager, Products Manager, and anyone who owns sales and products management.