Robustel Announces 2018 IoT Solution Day
Robustel Announces 2018 IoT Solution Day Robustel is proud to announce its 2018 IoT Solution Day roadshow, which consists of 2 seminars in Czech and Germany, exploring subjects from IoT, cloud solution, LoRa and other topics, including:
Embracing the Era of IoT: Getting Connected Quickly and Securely to the IoT World
From Edge to Cloud IoT Solution
Lora 101: Building Your Own Private IoT Network
Local Operator Networking and Project Sharing
Robustel will also host free IoT consulting session, with face-to-face technical advice from Robustel engineers.
To register those events, please go to pages as follow:
Robustel IoT Solution Day - Munich
October 16, 2018
München Highlight Towers
32th floor, München Highlight Towers, Mies-van-der-Rohe-Str. 8 80807
München, Germany
Robustel IoT Solution Day - Prague
October 18, 2018
Hotel Don Giovanni
Prague Vinohradská 157a, 130 20 Prague 3, Czech Republic